Sight Words

Many words do not follow these rules, and are called sight words. Because they do not follow the normal rules, these must be memorized. Examples include the, are, and you. They are also sometimes called 'irregular words' or 'outlaw words'.

Here are some more examples:

  • the, to, do, and who — These should have long vowel sounds because they are open syllables, like me and go.
  • what, was, and whom — These should have short vowel sounds because they are closed syllables, like sat and cot.
  • again, against, says and said — These should have long a sounds because of the ai vowel combination, like say and pain.
  • been — This should have a long e sound, like seen.

In many words, the o says /short u/ instead of /short o/ or /long o/, as in of, from, son, month, front, some, love, other, money, and among.

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